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We provide full-management for associations and operate golf tournaments for associations and organizations.

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about association management companies

Having an association management company (AMC) like Management Connection manage your association provides several advantages over running your association independently. Naturally, association management companies offer economies of scale because they provide services for several associations. Not surprisingly, a recent independent study of 167 randomly selected associations discovered that associations managed by AMCs tend to perform significantly better financially than those that keep management in-house.

AMCs are able to provide best practices because of their experience of running other associations. In Management Connection’s case, our well over a decade of experience in managing associations within the private club industry allows us to bring with us knowledge and expertise from a high-class industry.

Associations that decide to partner with AMCs have two primary service models from which to choose: full service or outsourced services. Management Connection specializes in the full-service approach for small associations, covering all operational aspects of an association, ranging from membership, marketing, education, and policy development to legal and risk management. It also covers daily operations, including staffing, office space, equipment, contracts, technologies and member services.

about accredited AMCs

Among 500-plus Association Management Companies (AMC) worldwide, Management Connection and only just over 80 others have achieved AMC Institute Accreditation. Additionally, Management Connection is the only accredited AMC in Southern California. Meeting accreditation demonstrates the commitment and the ability to deliver the highest level of professional management services to association and not-for-profit clients. These AMCs are the recognized choice of association and not-for-profit organizations.

Administered by AMC Institute, AMC Institute Accreditation is recognized and supported by ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership and is based on the ANSI Standard of Good Practices for the AMC Industry. ANSI requires that this standard be reviewed and updated regularly in order for the standard to remain approved. Measurable performance practices include contracts and service delivery; employee recruitment, training and professional development; and financial management and internal controls, among others. AMCs must earn re-accreditation every four years, demonstrating to an independent outside auditor that they continue to meet the standard.

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