Management Connection delivers top-tier management for club industry associations in the following areas. We have the experience of supporting associations within the hospitality, recreation, and sports landscapes, and the high-service skills we use here are transferable to management of associations in any industry. Management Connection also manages golf tournaments to generate funds for associations and foundations.


We support the board by handling all requisite processes for your organization in ways that ensure effective association governance and comply with state regulations and filing requirements. We are very experienced with operating 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 organizations and also have extensive background in 501(c)7s. We work with the board of directors to oversee succession planning and to create and monitor strategic initiatives year over year.

Member Development

We take a keen interest in the members of the association we manage, seeking to know all of them by name and supporting them in both their personal and professional development. We focus on supporting them in exceeding industry standards that relate to intellectual and skill development, and we believe that we are particularly able to do this because we also pay attention to their passions and personal interests.


Events are opportunities for camaraderie to develop between association members and between those members and the representatives of the partner organizations that help fund the existence of the association and the development of its members. We provide this through high-end golf tournaments, service opportunities, wine tastings, social mixers and more.


We know that premium partners want to develop relationships with industry leaders in the associations we represent. We create and maintain partnership offerings that provide mutual value between partners and their organizations. We are able to develop waitlists of partners eager to support our association members because of the mutual value we create. We vet partners to make sure that they are not in for a quick sale but are present to invest in the members of the association. 


To us, the best strategy is developed through deep listening. Strategy is custom to the environment, and no pre-made approach works for any of our associations. We support our associations by listening carefully, providing input from our experience in upscale environments and then executing based on the shared vision that emerges.

Financial Management

Our CFO becomes yours. He oversees financial and bookkeeping best practices, prepares financial statements, makes auditor/reviewer recommendations and works alongside the auditor/reviewer to ensure that the association’s financials are properly understood.


We provide relevant information in concise and creative ways that cuts through the busy-ness of your members to deliver them pertinent content. For us, this always means that we work at effectively telling stories (those of our members, our events and our partner companies). Telling stories well increases member interest in attending educations and events and engaging with their association in many other ways. Likewise, because partners find more value in associations filled with engaged members, this has a positive effect on us creating tiered partnerships that financially support the association.


Following your industry standards, we find experts with deep knowledge to train your members and propel them on their path to certification and advancement in your industry. Because of our particular experience in the private club industry, we have a unique ability to access experts in service, individual sports and membership development.